Feminist Caucus

The Mission of the Feminist Caucus HSNM is to advocate for and defend equal rights and opportunities for all women and all men everywhere. We invite you to “caucus” with us through online activism and at our public awareness events. (Membership in HSNM is not required; Men are welcome.)

These are our key action items:
* Press Congress to remove the deadline for ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment to allow 3 more states to ratify it so that it can become the law of the land. This effort is being spearheaded by united4equality.com.
Visit our ERA Action Page for more tools and resources.
* Provide the news media with education and critique on feminist issues to counter erroneous, misleading, inadequate and biased news coverage.
* Publicize and promote U.S. adherence to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Here is the full UDHR text on a 1-page handout (print both sides) – spread the word!
* Mobilize our network to participate in actions to resist or support, as appropriate, local or national legislation based on adherence to our stated mission.

The Feminist Caucus HSNM is a committee of HSNM and does not collect separate dues or require donations. Voluntary donations to help further our mission are gratefully accepted and are tax deductible as allowed by law. You can support our work by joining the HSNM and our Feminist Caucus. You can also help us in our phone/email campaign to bring us closer to full ratification of the ERA even if you are not an HSNM member, as a Friend of the Caucus. You may get on our Feminist Caucus HSNM mailing list by writing to President@HumanistSocietyofNM.org.

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