We need your help! Our current effort to Pass the ERA is being implemented by the Feminist Caucus HSNM under the leadership of Dr. Sylvia Ramos.

ERA Action Page

HSNM Political Support and Involvement

Like the American Humanist Association (AHA), the Humanist Society of New Mexico is not a political party. However, HSNM members like Humanists around the world have a strong interest in politics, especially when human rights are vulnerable to existing or pending religiously-inspired doctrine. Humanists are keen to support legislation based on reason rather than religious dogma or emotion, and tend to support initiatives dedicated to robust education, vocational training, scientific research and development, and environmental protection. Humanists are also united when it comes to the protection of fundamental human rights, including the right of a citizen to practice any religion or lack thereof, the right to free speech, and the right to assemble and petition government.

It is not an accident that Humanists around the world hold the Constitution of the United States in high regard, because it represents the first document of its kind to embody principles representative of Humanist philosophy – a representative democratic government of and for the people, based on law derived through a rational process. The United States, in fact, was founded not only on principles of government established in ancient Greece and Rome, but also on those that emerged during the European Enlightenment. Since independence, the way the United States governs itself has proven to be a model for other governments around the world, a testament to reason and law.

This constitutional system securing three branches of government, each empowered with a means of checks and balances, with a legislature representing the citizenry, an executive with limited power, and a judiciary dedicated to interpreting the law as set forth according to a constitution, is nevertheless imperfect and constantly vulnerable to ignorance and corruption. Humanists see these and other vulnerabilities in society as opportunities to walk the talk of our humanist ideals and work for positive change.

Community and Charitable Support

Our members of HSNM are involved in local and national outreach groups related to civil rights, health and medicine, philosophy, and other issues compatible with Humanism. Here are some links they have recommended.

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