Humanist Lives Video Project

Humanist Lives, our multi-generational project is off the ground and picking up steam. More than a dozen members have been interviewed so far, and five appear in the 8-minute video below. A second short video is nearing completion. Many thanks to our filmmaker Jevon Campisi – he has distilled many hours of video into this terrific introduction to humanism and our community of New Mexico humanists. You will be charmed and inspired.

Like it? get involved! HSNM is seeking volunteers who are interested in documenting the lives of our distinguished members. Gain valuable experience in journalism, writing, interviewing and media arts while helping to preserve the inspiring stories of artists, scientists, and activists. Learn about Humanism and how it shapes the lives of individuals who make a difference. Contact us if you would like to participate as either a subject or an interviewer/producer.

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