Topical Meetings – List of Past Titles

The Topical Meeting is an open discussion of a specific topic chosen each month at the end of the prior meeting. Sometimes it is lead by someone who is highly interested in the topic and who may have been the one who suggested it. The current upcoming topic can be found in the calendar.

To search for a topic, press Ctrl+F (find).

In the popup box (either at top right or bottom left), start typing in the topic.

As you type, it will be highlighted where it’s found in the list.

Title – Meeting Month

Are We as Rational as We Think We Are? – Oct 2018

Are We on the Road to Fascism? – Jul 2018

Artificial Intelligence – Apr 2017

Artificial Intelligence and its Effect on Humanism – Dec 2021

Artificial Intelligence: Its Effects on Culture – Oct 2019

Can Creativity Be Fostered? – Nov 2018

Can We Save the Planet from Ourselves? – Apr 2016

Can We Save the Planet from Ourselves? Part 2 – May 2016

Choices in Life and Death Decisions – Jun 2019

Community Policing – Feb 2021

Compassion, a Strength or a Weakness? – Aug 2021

Conformity and Protest: Pledges of Allegiance – Dec 2017

Declaration of What Humanists Can Do as an Entity and Individuals, A – Aug’16

Democracy Under Attack – Jul 2021

Does Equality Reduce Freedom? – Dec 2019

Does Media Control the Narrative And What can we Do about it? – Feb 2020

Development of Empathy and Compassion in Today’s Society – Jan 2020

Emotion or Reason? – Sep 2017

Ethics? Whose ethics? – Jun 2016

Ethics of Regulating Gun Ownership, The – Apr 2018

Evolutionary Biology in the 21st Century – Feb 2022

Evolutionary Biology of Caring and Cooperation, The – Apr 2021

Fostering Community Without Religion – Dec 2018

Future of Public Education, The – Sep 2021

Gene Editing, Ethics, Law and.. – Jun 2021

Government on the Rocks. Solution: Multiple Party System? – Nov 2017

Happiness – Feb 2017

Healthcare in the United States – Oct 2021

How and Why I Became a Humanist – Nov 2019

How Can Humanists Find Common Cause with Non-Humanists? – Jun 2017

How Do You Determine Sources of Truth? – Jan 2017

How Do You Make an Economy that Works for Everyone? – Mar 2019

How Media Shapes Perception – Jul 2017

HSNM Mission Statement – Jan 2019

Humanism and Morality – Mar 2021

Immigration: Crisis or Opportunity; How Can We Make a Difference? – Apr’19

Is Capitalism Compatible with Humanism – Nov 2021

Is There Such a Thing As a Just War – May 2022

Libertarian Socialism and Humanism – May 2018

“Mother – Caring for Seven Billion” (Film presentation) – Jul 2019

Oligarchy and Income Equality – Feb 2018

Our Brave New World: Scary or Promising? – Mar 2017

Personal Environmental Action – Feb 2019

Play, The Importance of – Jun 2022

Post Election America – What Do We Do Now? – Dec 2016

Practical Utopia – Oct 2016

Privacy: Are You Being Watched? – Aug 2017

Pros and Cons of Social Media – Jan 2021

Reclaiming Democracy – Aug 2018

Reparations— A Good Idea? – Aug 2019

Social Media: Blessing or Curse? – Sep 2018

States of Ecstasy – May 2017

Sustainable Agriculture – Mar 2022

Unregulated Capitalsim – Apr 2022

What are the Proper Goals of Education? – Jun 2018

What Brought You to Humanism and What Makes You Stay? – Feb 2016

What does patriotism mean to Humanists? – Jan 2022

What is Culture Good For? – Sep 2019

What is the Basis of Ethical Behavior? – Mar 2018

What is the Best Approach to Solving the Drug Problem? – May 2019

What is the Best Version of Socialism? – Mar 2020

What is the Proper Response to the Alt-Right? – Jan 2018

What Would a Humanist Party Espouse as Their Platform? – Jul 2016

Whom Do You Trust? Why? – Oct 2017