ERA Action Network

We are supporting legislative efforts to fast-track the ERA by removing the deadline for ratification. Of the required 38 states, 35 ratified the ERA before the deadline. We want to continue ratifying states without having to start over. In addition to contacting our local and national legislators, we are asking popular media commentators and public personalities to think about the ERA, talk about the ERA and help us raise a groundswell of popular support for this long overdue constitutional guarantee of equal rights for all. Following is a link to a 2013 Congressional Research Service opinion  on ratification of the ERA.

Marijke's ERA Buttons- Photo by Barbara J. McGuire, MD

Marijke’s ERA Buttons-
Photo by Barbara J. McGuire, MD

Here is a Sample Script  to follow when calling your congress delegation, and the website that will give you contact information for the 2015 NM Congressional Delegation.

To stir up your fighting spirit, click on the following link to read a quote from Jill Ruckelshaus about women’s struggles in politics.

To find out what organizations support our ERA-3 state strategy, click here. If your group is not listed and would like to be, send an email to

Raise Awareness with our ERA Mini-Booklet!
ERA mini-booklet
One page, printed on one side only, folds into an 8-page booklet.
Here is the booklet file.
And here is the instruction file.
Creating these booklets is a fun group activity. Because of their small size and intriguing design, people will more often pick them up, or accept them when you hand them out at rallies and other events.

Links to Additional Resources: Arm Yourself with the Facts!
Quick facts about the Equal Rights Amendment and
Find your Federal and State legislators.

Action Plan for New Mexico
Read the Spring 2014 Action Plan
by Sylvia Ramos, M.D.
* Help spread our message –- via snail mail, email, phone, social media, even carrier pigeon! — whatever works best for you.

Visit the AHA  Feminist Caucus pages for National ERA Action Items.

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