Speaker Meetings

PLEASE NOTE TIME and LOCATION CHANGE: All future speaker meetings will be held from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm at the International District Library, 7601 Central Avenue NE.

Archives thru 2018

May 27, 2023 Speaker Meeting

Derek Roff will speak on “Esperanto, a Bridge Between Cultures”

April 22, 2023 Speaker Meeting

Katheen Burke will speak on “Redistricting in New Mexico.”

March 25, 2023 Speaker Meeting

Marythelma Ransom, PhD, will speak on “The Divided Brain.”

February 25, 2023 Speaker Meeting

Mary Feldblum will discuss efforts to establish a system of guaranteed, comprehensive, and affordable health care coverage for all New Mexicans. Mary Feldblum is Executive Director of the Health Security for New Mexicans Campaign.

October 22, 2022 Annual Membership Meeting

Instead of a Speaker meeting, HSNM will hold its annual membership meeting October 22 at 1:15 pm in Botts Hall. For complete information see https://hs-nm.org/annual-membership-meeting/.

July 23, 2022 Speaker Meeting

Eve Espey, MD, MPH, will speak on Roe vs. Wade: “The Health Implications of Overturning Roe vs. Wade.”

June 25, 2022 Speaker Meeting

Eileen Barrett, MD, will speak on gun violence: “We Can Do Better: Evidence-Informed Policy That Can Reduce Firearm Injury and Deaths.”

May 28, 2022 Speaker Meeting

Jan Wilson will speak about End of Life Options New Mexico.

April 23, 2022 Speaker Meeting

One of our members, Marythelma Ransom, will give a talk entitled “Your Brain Has a Mind of its Own,” on the affective neuroscience evolutionary theory of experience. Marythelma is a psychologist, retired after 40 years’ practice in Albuquerque.

March 26, 2022 Speaker Meeting

Kristi Dorr and Andrew Connors of the Albuquerque Museum Foundation will discuss the influence of humanism in art.

The foundation — an independent, nonprofit corporation — raises funds for the Albuquerque Museum and supports the museum’s exceptional exhibitions, educational programs, and acquisitions. Their website is albuquerquemuseum.org.

February 26, 2022 Speaker Meeting

The speaker program for Febuary will be a presentation by Roy Moody on Humanism and Spirituality. The presentation will be at 10:15 am to 12:15 pm in Botts Hall, at the Special Collections Library on 423 Central NE, ABQ.

The January 2022 Speaker Meeting was canceled due to the pandemic

No Speaker Program in December 2021

November 27, 10:15 am – 12:15 pm

The speaker program for November will be a presentation by Nancy Pressley-Naimark on the New Mexico Philharmonic.

October 23, 10:15 am – 12:15 pm

All-members’ meeting

All dues-paying members of the Humanist Society of New Mexico are invited to attend, discuss the past year, and help make plans for 2022.

September 25, 10:15 am – 12:15 pm

Forum discussion on LGBTQ Issues in New Mexico

This forum on LGBTQ issues will be led by two physicians from Gallup and Christopher Valles, a local activist in the gay community in Albuquerque. 

Christopher has a bachelor’s degree from UNM  and hosts gatherings at his home on a variety of topics and formats for gay men.  As a member of the Gay Chamber of Commerce he represents gay business interests.  He and his husband have been together for over 20 years.

August 28, 2021, 10:15 am – 12:15 pm

Meryellen Missik-Tow and Fabianna Tabeling will give a presentation on Popejoy Hall, which is on the UNM campus.

Popejoy Hall is the premier performing arts center in New Mexico. Seating up to 1985 patrons, Popejoy Hall is the largest such venue in the state. Following a major renovation in 1996 and seating replacement in summer 2007, Popejoy hosts touring Broadway shows, symphony concerts, musical soloists and artists of international caliber, world-renowned ballet and modern dance companies, and noted speakers from a broad spectrum of disciplines.

Further info on their upcoming events is on popejoypresents.com/season.

February 2021

February 27, 2021, 10 am – Noon

December 5, 2020, 10 am – Noon

Online (Zoom)


March 28, 2020, 10 am – Noon

Free Range Events Center
1710 Central SE, Albuquerque


February 2020


January 2020

Note: Brittany Karnezis also spoke with Tawnya.

Hands Across Time NM Inc.

Hands Across Time / Connecting Generations Meetup Group

December 2019

(No speaker this month)

November 2019, Botts Hall

Albuquerque Oasis

October 2019, Free Range Events Center


September 2019, First Unitarian Church

Fork and Knife: Weapons of Mass Destruction or Instruments of Hope, Health and Healing?
Speaker:  Hans A. Diehl, DrHsc, MPH, FACN, CNS
  • Colleague of, and mentored by, T. Collin Campbell, PhD
  • Chosen as “One of America’s 20 super-heroes of the health movement” (Vegetarian Times)
  • Founder of Lifestyle Medicine Institute, the Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) and member of The American College of Lifestyle Medicine
  • Clinical Professor of Preventive Medicine at Loma Linda University
  • 30+ years of leadership in the field of Lifestyle Medicine
  • His books: Health Power, Dynamic Health and Dynamic Living (with Aileen Ludington) have sold over 2 million copies in 19 languages


(Sponsored by HSNM and the Earth Web Group of the Unitarian Church)

August 2019

Immigration Issues in the Current Climate
Speaker:  Linda K. Wilson, Esq.

Linda K. Wilson is a Staff Attorney at the New Mexico Immigrant Law Center, a non-profit organization empowering low-income immigrant communities through collaborative legal services, advocacy, and education. Her area of focus is supporting immigrant victim-survivors and vulnerable youth in humanitarian forms of immigration relief, including U-visas, VAWA self-petitions, T-Visas, and Special Immigrant Juvenile Status.
Ms. Wilson attended the University of New Mexico School of Law (2014), and received the Thomas West Group Award for Domestic Relations Law. She was admitted to the State Bar of New Mexico in 2014. Ms. Wilson has served the immigrant community since 2003, as a bilingual dual-language educator and instructional coach prior to attending law school, then as a family law attorney for immigrant victims of domestic violence, and now as an immigration attorney.

To stay current on the latest info and efforts to protect immigrants:
For more information about the detention camps and how to get involved:
To volunteer with NMILC:

In answer to a question afterwards:
The number of DACAmented people in New Mexico is roughly 6,000. It is between 6,000 and 7,000 but we don’t have an accurate number that accounts for those who couldn’t renew after initially obtaining DACA.

July 2019

Astronomy: a Humanist’s Perspective – What do we know and how do we know it?
Speaker:  Allen Robnett, our President

It was one year ago that Allen Robnett regaled us with a whirlwind tour of our planet, solar system and then the universe with his “Astronomy:A Humanist Perspective” presentation.Unfortunately, he only was only getting to the good part when time ranout. Please join us this month when Allen returns to finish this amazing presentation.

June 2019

Population Dynamics and Human Rights
Speaker:  Hannah Evans, health & environment specialist at Population Connection

Ms. Evans explores the connection between population growth, access to healthcare, and environmental sustainability. Population Connection is America’s largest organization dedicated to population education and advocacy.

May 2019, Botts Hall

City Forester Joran Viers
Speaker:  Mr. Joran Viers, City Forester with City of Albuquerque Parks and Recreation Department

He is responsible for tree care issues within the City. Prior to taking this position, he worked for the New Mexico State University Cooperative Extension Service, first as a County Horticulture Agent and County Director in Bernalillo County, and then as State Urban Small Farm Horticulture Agent. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of New Mexico, and a Master’s degree in Botany from the University of Florida. Mr. Viers has been a member of Think Trees NM since 2003, an International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborist since 2008, and became an ISA Board Certified Master Arborist in 2016.

April 2019, Free Range Event Center

“A New Day at the Roundhouse”
Speaker:  Daymon Ely, NM State Representative

Besides his impressions of the recent session, Daymon Ely will address some of the issues in which he was most involved, such as early childhood education, education in general, judicial fairness and voting rights, all topics of recent interest to our society.

March 2019

“Thoughts on Visiting Darwin’s Home – Science and Human Culture”
Speaker: Kendrick Frazier

(For more details see 2nd page of the March newsletter.)

February 2019

“Science versus Pseudoscience in A Fake News World”

Distinguishing science from pseudoscience, real news from rumor, and truth from falsehood are vitally important: A healthy democracy depends on an informed citizenry and officials guided by evidence-based policies and practices. But too often science is viewed with derision and suspicion, or co-opted by those with social or political agendas.

Join writer and science literacy educator Benjamin Radford as he discusses the nature of scientific truth and evidence. Drawing on nearly two decades of experience in journalism—as both a producer and consumer— Radford examines not only the rise (and threat) of “fake news” but also how and why wellmeaning journalists often get the story wrong.

Benjamin Radford, M.Ed, is deputy editor of Skeptical Inquirer science magazine, and a Research Fellow with the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, a non-profit educational organization. He is author of thousands of articles for Discovery News, LiveScience.com, and other media, as well as eleven books on media and science literacy including Media Mythmakers: How Journalists, Activists and Advertisers Mislead Us.

January 2019

“Healthcare Challenges Facing Tribal Nations”
Speaker:  Dr. Terrance W Sloan, Retired Chief of Staff of the Gallup Indian Medical Center in Gallup, NM

Dr Sloan presents various clinical cases to give us an understanding of health care for Native Americans and the challenges they face.

Archives thru 2018

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