Humanist Celebrants

A Humanist Celebrant is an ambassador of humanism, serving in the role of community leader and ceremony officiant. Certification as a Humanist Celebrant confers equivalency to ordained clergy.

Chaplains are distinguished from Celebrants in their responsibility and authority to work with non-humanists as well as humanists.

Seymon Hersh
I have been a humanist celebrant for many years. I am based in Albuquerque, and am available to officiate humanist ceremonies and services and to make home visits in the Albuquerque area. Please call me at (505) 899-1669.

HSNM President – Ananda E. Parnell D.Div, CPE, MBA, M.Ed.
I am an interfaith, nondenominational minister. As a professional chaplain (Doctor of Divinity), I am committed to serving those in need regardless of their faith or non-faith.  Please call me at (505) 480-6377.