Monthly Meetings

Use Zoom for any of our meetings: HSNM Zoom Room

Note: HSNM has resumed in-person meetings. Everyone who attends an in-person meeting must be fully immunized against COVID-19, and be able to show a vaccine record card if requested. “Fully immunized” means that at least 2 weeks have elapsed since the final injection. Masks are required. Zoom meetings will continue simultaneously with the in-person meetings.

HSNM holds three regular meetings in Albuquerque per month. All are open to the public. These, as well as all other HSNM events, are constantly updated and tracked in our HSNM Meetup Calendar. There, if you have joined the meetup group, you can optionally register to attend (RSVP). Click here to view and join the HSNM Meetup Group.

2nd Saturday each month: The Informal Meeting has no predefined topic and is open to whatever attendees wish to discuss. Every attendee gets a chance to hold the floor for usually about 5 minutes which is followed by a bit of time for responses from others.

Location: Erna Fergusson Library, 3700 San Mateo Avenue NE, Albuquerque Google Map

3rd Saturday: The Topical Meeting is an open discussion of a specific topic chosen each month at the end of the prior meeting. Sometimes it is lead by someone who is highly interested in the topic and who may have been the one who suggested it. Topic can be found in the calendar.

A list of past titles can be found here: Past Titles

Location: Erna Fergusson Library, 3700 San Mateo Avenue NE, Albuquerque Google Map

4th Saturday: The Speaker Meeting is a presentation on a wide variety of topics by an expert possibly local, possibly from out of town.

Location: Botts Hall, Special Collections Library, 423 Central Ave NE (at Edith) in Albuquerque unless otherwise noted in the current calendar. Google Map

Recent and upcoming Speaker Meetings.

View a list of past presentations

Please open our Calendar to see the Monthly Meeting Schedule.

4 responses to “Monthly Meetings

  1. Fern Clemmer, Ed. D., LPCC

    When is the NM Humanist conference?

  2. Michelle Meaders

    The link to your speaker meetings is broken.
    “Recent and upcoming Speaker Meetings.”

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